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    the minus point of tunngle

    I play now silent hunter-3 with tunngle . tunngle load very fast the game to silenthunter multiplayer LAN .
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    ( 1 problem with tunngle )
    I seen players who use the name of other players to kick everyone out of the game .
    I've seen players who use the server names of other players !
    in tunngle you can change your name as much as you want .
    I going to try to play silenthunter 5 and say goodbye to Silent Hunter 3 .
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    I'm trying to work with Sh-5 mission editor , know friends .
    I must admit that Silent Hunter 3 is played out .
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    I can play in Sh-5 with nice mods .
    Silent Hunter 5 are not many players , who knows, I make of Sh-5 is a top game .
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    Tunngle: Silent Hunter V

    Hey, friend. My friend and I can't seem to get Tunngle working for us. we have the same modes, i.e. just UI and graphics mods and still can't seem to get it to work. Furthermore, we live in the same town><. What ports must I forward and how do I go about playing Silent Hunter V in multiplayer?
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