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    Help with Windows 7 and Tripple 2go system & UBI Files

    Have GTX 460 and 3 22" Acer monitors. I had IL21946 runing fine before with with Windows XP. Hard drive started to sound noisy so I had a new hard drive installed and also upgraded to Windows 7 x32. I finaly giot IL2 reoladed with a fresh install from disk and also loaded all the updates to include 4.11. I still have old hard drive in PC , E Driive, and was wounderning what files I would need to copy to retrive all of the missions I had saved. Even more import is all my Control setting?

    Next problem, can not get my Tripple Head 2Go system to work with Windows 7. Any suggestions. With everything connected as before all screens are blank.

    Thanks for any help.
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    As for what to copy over from the old installation, I could type up a list of folders and files, but why not copy the entire folder from the E-Drive over to the new C-drive?

    Put it in a folder outside C:\Program Files (put it in the root, or create a folder 'Games' and put it in there), create an icon to IL2fb.exe and it will surely all be the same as before...

    As for TH2G? Sorry,I can't help you with that.
    Maybe others can...
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    For TH2G, check what resolutions it supports. You may be trying to run it at too high a resolution.
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    What do you mean by (put it in the root,) or create a folder 'Games' and put it in there? I understand renameing but don't understand the root thing.

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    Sorry, 'Root' is the top-level of a disk, so C:\

    Creating a folder 'Games' in the root of C: would result in C:\Games
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