Whatever your goal, you can put yourself on the right track
by getting your daily diet right.

If you are aiming to add muscle:

The key is to drip-feed your muscles the protein and
nutrients they need to grow. You should never be hungry- you need to eat around
the clock and always the right foods.

Suggested daily meal intake- 5 meals with 2-4 snacks.

Typical meal- Steak and veg with brown rice

Typical snack – Cottage cheese, protein bar/shake

Total calorie intake- 4,000-4,500

If you’re aiming to lose fat:

Ideally eat at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. That allows quite a
,long time between your evening meal and your next meal which gets your body
into fat-burning mode.

Suggested daily meal intake- 3 meals with 1 snack.

Typical meal – Chicken salad
with plenty of veg.

Typical snack – Post workout protein shake.

Total calorie intake – 2,000

If your aim is sports conditioning

If you’re training hard you need to ensure your muscle cells
are filly fuelled with carbs, but you’ll also need to consume quality fats and
protein for recovery.

Suggested daily meal intake- 4 meals with 3-6 snacks.

Typical meal- Wholemeal
rice or pasta, chicken and veg.

Typical snack- Protein shake, fruit, yoghurt.

Total calorie intake- 4,000.

If your aim is to maintain Optimum Health

If you eat well at breakfast, lunch and dinner with an
afternoon snack then you’ll fuel your body with all the nutrition it needs,
including important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Suggested meal intake – 3 meals with 1 snack.

Typical meal – Wholemeal pasta, lean meat and veg.

Typical snack – Handful of nuts and an apple or cottage

Total calorie intake- 2,500 – 3,000