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    yup...the lower case thing doesn't ubisoft?!
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    Did every1 else who bougth it, bought the deluxe edition? Just looking to pinpoint the problem here :P
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    I purchased deluxe, yes.
    And still broken.
    No answer from my problem ticket.
    Fun stuff.
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    Yeah, there's another thread that's about 6 pages long about this issue. No suggestions so far. But yes, I'm locked out of my account because of my cd key from steam not working. It seems to be a rather widespread issue.
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    I just joined your club! Great!
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    I bought the deluxe as well >.> great customer service
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    created account just to complain... because I DIDNT CREATE TO PLAY THE GAME I JUST BOUGHT
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    The big thread in the general discussion was just responded, it would seems that the prooblem is fixed, all you have to do is reenter the key and you will be able to play.

    Can't testt it myself but i thought I'd spread the word.
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