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    Unclear mistake

    Hello I will describe a mistake I come into campaign or in any other mode and very often gives out a mistake number of a mistake 0х00000024 prompt what to do
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    Hi fersDi

    If you would describe when exactly you are getting this error and what steps you are taking before you get this error. Also let us know if this is the complete error that you are receiving. If there is more to the error please just type it all here.
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    look a mistake it seems it is correct I will describe a problem I play is admissible with the friend in network game I start to go I press on the lock as though comes but then gives out this mistake or happens so I pass the company in mission thirds at demons it is possible to take lords press it them as though a beret but again this mistake and everything happens simply to run and a mistake
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    i think you should ask the help of a friend who knows a bit better english to explain your problem.
    it is not insult, neither myself i know well and many times i catch myself to write things only myself i can understand
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    I simply transfer from the translator
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    guessed so - thats why its hard to understand

    Last suggestion - write the problem to ur native language and send mail to the support. or post it here. You may have a limited reply from people who know ur language but from nothing, is something
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    simply gives out a mistake as loads the card
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