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    new guy

    I have a few questions. Is Settlers 7 a game that you pay to play every month and can it be played offline? And is its still possible to play campain mode? if not what is the latest version that you can play campain mode on and play offline. i havent played settlers sins settlers 3 came out.

    Thank you for your answers.
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    You do not pay every month to play.
    You must be online to play, so far.
    The basic game includes a campaign. There are 4 DLC packs that you can purchase, one of them is a "mini-campaign".
    If you buy the Delux Gold edition, you get all 4 DLC packs included.

    You can play Settlers 6 Rise of an Empire offline. I bought the Gold Edition that includes the Eastern Realm expansion pack. I bought it after Settlers 7 because I love Settlers 7. Settlers 6 is not like 7 at all, imo. I don't play 6 much, and have never been able to connect online so I don't really know much about it.
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