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    Uplay Issues

    i bought Anno 2070 on Steam and tried to play the game but i couldnt without signing up for Uplay i was pissed and didnt load up the game for a few days. Then i signed up after all i bought the game and now when i run it i load up steam which in turn loads up Uplay so i can load up my game.

    Steam is my game launcher i dont need Uplay nor do i want Uplay. if i knew i was going to have to load up load up a program to load up a program to load up a game I BOUGHT i would have just torrented the game.

    i own 139 games on Steam alone many of them games that i use to have before and bought again on Steam others games i torrented and really liked so i bought them on Steam as well but this is the first game that makes me feel like im stealing because i bought it. Steam is my DRM i dont need Uplays DRM on top of it and what happens when other publishers follow suit Steam stops being my DRM for hundreds of my games and becomes a folder with a launcher for other programs i dont want or need in my life.

    i will never buy another game that requires Uplay again. if you want me to use your program give me a reason to do so and by that i dont mean gut a game on steam and have all the good stuff on Uplay like your already doing making me earn points on Uplay in order to unlock missions in the game i BOUGHT.

    funny thing is if i pirate your games i dont have any of these problems its download crack and play but if i try to do things the right way i feel like your forcing me to do things i dont wish to do.

    i use Steam and i use Battlenet i dont see me anytime soon using another service and i will never use Origin but its ok EA made me an account without asking me if it was alright they just took my email and user name and kindly informed me i was already part of Origin. if the sent me an email and said "click here to import your information to Origin" i might have done it but EA wanted to bump their numbers to look good to stock holders.

    i own Mass Effect 1 and 2 on Steam and torrented part 3 because its not on Steam and even if i bought the game at the store i would be forced to link it to Origin.

    my computer has one OS on it if i felt like it i could add others but no one forces me to i only need one program to sort and launch my games im not going to have two hunderd games on one service and two on another.

    i accept Battlenet because i have used it since Warcraft 2 but if Activision started making me load their service to load Battlenet then we will have problems.

    maybe you can make Uplay a haven for modders if Anno 2070 said "sign up to Uplay and have easy access and use to hundreds of game mods" i would have signed right up with a smile eager to see what i could do. make us want to join for things beyond the game.

    but i will never buy another game that requires me to use Uplay even though i have an account and if you think it just being stubborn you may be right but when i play games i like my PC to be running clean and by that i mean with most other programs shut down to get the best out of my game and i dont like it eating CPU cycles or RAM.

    then there is this fun thing

    so because Ubisoft is doing something i cant play the game i paid for yet if i just pirated it i wouldnt have this issue but if Uplay wasnt required i could load up my game even if Uplay was down. yet by being an honest consumer im punished.

    say i bought a CD at a store put it in my player but my player wouldnt work on that CD without signing up to Sony Music so im already pissed i bought a CD i wanted and cant play it without signing up to something i dont wish for but i do it because i want to hear this CD. it loads up and all is good but then i put it in another player i have to sign into that player but when i go back to the first i have to resign in because the first player was removed when i used the second one. then i go on a road trip and find out when im out of city limits i cant play the CD because im out of range of the FM transmission i need to unlock the CD. i get back into town trying to play it again yet once more im not allowed to because the station is down for some reason and yet again i cant play the CD i paid for.

    then there is Dave a guy who saw the CD was out and pirated it then played it whenever and where ever he wanted. it makes me look and feel like a fool for giving money to have a hassle when its easier and cheaper for me to not buy it.

    Steam is big because it is easy and it is cheap. i LOVE X-COM and i bought it on Steam because it made the game easy to play the software took care of the DOS mods and all of that i load up Steam and play that simple.

    people for the most part want to be honest and buy things they enjoy but not if it means its harder to enjoy the item because you bought it.

    please get this though your heads make Uplay something i want on my computer something i love to use. dont keep it as it is a very bad DRM because if that is what its for Anno 2070 is the last of my money you will see.

    thank you
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    Hi thank you for you feedback,

    Uplay is a set of services that give players extra value for their Ubisoft games.

    With Uplay Win, you earn Units by performing specific Actions in Uplay enabled games. Those Units can be redeemed for Rewards or saved for better Rewards later, across all Uplay enabled games and across all associated platforms (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC). Basically, the more you play, the more you win exclusive free content for your favorite games.
    Uplay Help will give you guidance and tips to enjoy Ubisoft games at their best. Imagine being helped by the developers themselves and by other players or even helping other players yourself.

    Uplay Share will allow you to create content from within the games and share it with your friends and the rest of the community, be it statistics, pictures, videos or even in-game content such as maps.

    Uplay Shop will be your destination to browse and buy additional content for your favorite Ubisoft games.
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    extra value? like making me load a program i dont want or keeping me from playing my game because Uplay is down? im not even sure how Anno 2070 has multiplayer but no game you buy should keep you from playing because YOUR server is down when the game doesnt play on your server.

    as far as being helped i like forums where i can go and talk to developers like i have on other games and have even had my input help shape minor parts of the game.

    now for the content creation are you talking about game mods because if so i would like to see that and how Uplay works with it.
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    I've got the same problem. Just installed the game:

    Won't let me play offline. I've had to make a uPlay account because I couldn't get any further. Now the game is permanently linked to this account which means my wife has to share my profile for when she wants to play. Not ideal.

    To be honest its not that much of a problem because I don't think I will ever play it. It looks good but I bought an offline game. I didn't want to sign up for uPlay which I've had to. I can't even sell it on or return it to Amazon because of this.

    I couldn't even use my normal email because UbiSoft, in it's wisdom, has decided that there are no hyphens in email addresses!!!!

    This is rubbish. I won't be buying Ubisoft again.
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    Hi, please contact technical support, the link is in my signature they may be able to help you.
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    Ubisoft, please stop listening to your corporate strategists and listen to the ENTIRE GAMING COMMUNITY instead. UPlay is ridiculous and you know it. NO ONE likes this sort of 'content control'. its UNIVERSALLY reviled by every gamer!

    I, too, bought Anno 2070 on Steam (great deal! <3 Steam!), but to have to sign up for ANOTHER service/gateway that is yet ANOTHER step between me and the the game i purchased is frustrating, unnecessary and insulting. I did a Google search just to see if there was a way to circumnavigate this pathetic step in the process of playing MY game (i BOUGHT it from you!) and found this thread.

    Why, why, WHY would you alienate your own customers like this? Who in your organization thought this was a good idea?

    If i get ANY more frustration from the process of playing a game, i'm just going to petition that Valve/Steam refund my money for Anno 2070 and never buy another Ubisoft product.

    I dont have a lot of time to play video games as it is, so limiting my future games to non-Ubisoft ones will not be much of a hindrance.

    Please scrap this horrible process and LET US (PAY FOR AND) PLAY YOUR GAMES!

    Sacramento, CA
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    Does anyone know of a way to remove the uplay requirement to play? I just bought From Dusk, and Uplay will not let me play it without logging in, and when I try to do that it tells me the service is "unavailable". Seriously guys, this is aggravating. At least with EA I can text/chat with someone who may/may not be able to help. Why can't I just play my games?
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    I am yet another user who bought anno 2070 on Steam, and I am now feeling the pain of Ubi's corporate **** in my tender butt. I had to create a Uplay account, go online etc but even now I can't play! I get an error message saying the connection to the servers has been lost!!!
    I paid good money for this game, which I plan to play solo only (is there a multiplayer mode?). Why do I have to register to play a SOLO game!!?? Why is Ubisoft punishing me for giving them money? This is a disgrace, I should have torrented this! Thanks Ubi, you won't be seeing my money for a while.
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    If you bought your game in the last 7 days and live in the UK they are bound by law to give you a refund under section 10 of the UK distance selling regulations.

    The only way we are going to get ubisoft to actually fix the problem is if they don't get your money for a product that is obviously flawed.


    Remember you don't have to give a reason for wanting a refund, it just has to be asked for within 7 days of receiving your item.
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    Thanks dude, I would definitely do that if I was living in the UK; but I am a French citizen and I am currently in the US;
    Are the servers really offline today or is this problem (every time I try to log in it says "connection to the servers has been lost"... Yet the launcher is online!) coming from somewhere else? Should I try to fix it or just get the game from somewhere else?

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