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    my silenthunter

    hello everyone
    i have make this video . good remembers
    thank you for those nice years in sh-3 .
    I wish everyone good memories of playing silnthunter .
    thanks to silent hunter 3, I have know many friends around the world.
    it's hard to believe that sh-3 ubi server is no longer available .
    I will post some nice screenshots I had taken in 2011 - 2012
    in my server, everyone was welcome, even clan players. like GBF UBF CHF GM PH GV
    if they do not play in sub vs sub in my convoy missions .
    many Sh-3 players will not understand why they can not log into ubi.com because they have not visited the ubi forum .
    there are many people who think I'm the real mod in ubi.
    I am a captain like Captain Nemo. adventures with a submrine thakes you to the depth of the sea . like steelsharks .
    I want leave this video to the U-boat captains who fought in the last war at sea 1945 .

    well done captains , good job !!!

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    Very nice Deepshark, Thanks for posting that! It is a great game.
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