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    Codes from PAX

    I don't play this game but I have a few of these codes from PAX. It says it unlocks a F-117 Nighthawk and gives you a skin for it. I have some codes for xbox 360 and PS3 so PM me with which you want and I will send you the code. I'll send them to the first people to message me until I run out. So if anyone is interested let me know.
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    I still have 7 for 360 and 15 for PS3. I haven't gotten a lot of messages so heres a PS3 code.
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    hello i have PC game hawx1 do you have skins for PC let me know Or do you know how to put them in your plane i have like 30 skins that i downloaded from the internet but it works only for me i mean i put the skins on my planes and they got it but when i play online i am the only one who see them other players see the default skin and not the ones i put to the planes thank you
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    If you still have a xbox360 code left i would be very happy to get one
    Thx in advance!!!
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    I still have codes for both PS3 and 360 left
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    I don't have any PC codes, sorry.
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    Yo, You still have 360 codes?
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