In my general dreams at night after playing some Endwar I started dreaming about the game in a first person view. I was thinking about how the game could fundamentally work in a battlefield style scenario keeping the general features from the RTS but converting them into a teamwork Squad variant from battlefield into the form of a FPS. Obviously you couldn't have the same number of vehicles as the RTS but having one Transport, one Tank and one Gunship per map and maybe having the squad leaders using the support options to call in Airstrikes and EMP's for a short period of time as I think that Force recon would have no point. The maps could mainly work like Conquest mode on Battlefield where you can capture the uplinks and upgrade them similar to the flags on Battlefield.

How the weapons and vehicles as well as Infantry abilities will work would be similar to Ranks and unlocks similar to the Barracks on the RTS. After certain levels you can unlock the perks and additions to add onto the vehicles and the infantry to match the ferocity of the RTS. To also take into the Battle aspect of the RTS it should work like conquest assault on battlefield but instead of capturing it would be destroying the objectives. Using all three of those factions in this style is something I would like to see how many fellow End war players would like the Idea?

Any comments would help and i would love to see Ubisoft make this!