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    Does anyone miss the basic Summit Strike combat like me?

    I miss Summit Strike. It was an amazing game. It was about who is quickest in head to head combat. I use to play that with no explosives and no lone wolf guns. Only sniper, assult, gunners and everyone had a pistol for a secondary. The maps were also genius. And the maps had just the right amount of hiding. And the lack of hd kinda made it more realistic. People blend in just the right amount. Now I'm stuck playing Call Of Crap because this title is so delayed. Also I don't understand why Splinter Cell changed so much when Chaos Theory was one of the greatest online games ever. Perfect balance of power. GRAW was good but lost a little.

    Just please don't take away the over the shoulder view. People try to tell me that the first person is more realistic. Then I ask them if they have peripheral vision or they walk around with their hands on the side of their face.

    Anyways I love Ghost Recon. I just hope they come out with a minimal game mode. Survival mode? Primary Weapon, pistol secondary, and optional grenades. I also like one side spawning. Just add invincibility until you fire the first shot. Like Black Hawk Down was on Xbox 1. Gets rid of spawn camping but still allows balancing maps well. I'm just tired of all the UAV, and kill streak rewards. Also optional kill cams.
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    HELL YEAH ghost recon 2 summit strike was the best war game EVER made. I wish they would PUT IT IN THE XBOX LIVE ARCADE! i would buy it in a heart beat i miss playing that game online war games just has not been the same since ghost recon 2 summit strike. I FELL YOUR PAIN! UBISOFT BRING GHOST RECON 2 SUMMIT STRIKE TO THE ARCADE WITH HD GRAPHICS PLEASE!!!!!
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    Hecks yea I do!!!
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    yea, it was cool. first person sucks. untill we have full body suit controllers or something fps games will be awful.
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    Just bought a copy of Summit Strike on e-bay, yesterday. Realizing that there is no online support for old X-box games, I still can't wait to play the single-player campaign. Summit Strike is the only GR title that I didn't get the opportunity to play.
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    Although GR-GR2SS was and still is to be the best set of classics out there. I believe that the gameplay continued its roots through GRAW, especially when GRAW2 had the throwback maps with maps from the past GR's. I am telling you guys, all VETS of the RECON series. If we truly want that recon gameplay back we need to rock that GRAW2, it still has online support and plenty of maps, plenty...... If not then everyone will be pretty much beating the dead horse on how UBI needs to make a game or how GRFS is not real recon, which I support both statements. GRAW2 is the last game that RECON is RECON..... start the movement....

    twitter #graw2movement
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    Summit Strike is the last true team game.

    I played this game for hours and hours. I remember how we would take our team matches serious and how we would record game play on the old disk burners.
    I bought GRFS and it's still like the last two, but with stupid heat sensing grenades. I just soled my copy, but if they put a game together like they did with SS, I'll paint my truck with a ubisoft logo and burn my other games.
    Ubisoft needs to know that Flashier isn't always better.
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    Summit strike is a lot of peoples favorite ghost recon game including me. Its a shame shooters are going down the same route with adding to much gadgets witch is taken away the best part about shooters witch is the gun on gun battles. Maps are also changing how games are being played they seem to be getting smaller and more and more built up witch makes for boring gameplay. The sooner Ubi realises that GRFS is the wrong direction and go back to GRSS style the better.
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    you can play summit strike over xlink kai and xbconnect but the last time i played it was full of modders. i love ghost recon up to and including Graw2 I bought all of the dlc. i am about to pick up 2 more copies so i can play with my sons. i didn't know there was still online support for the game. Ghost village looks amazing in high def although some of the maps took a hit. I can understand the appeal of future soldier, but the poor match making and intel overload make it unenjoyable.
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