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    JOYSTICK PROBLEMS Hawx 2, rolling right, wandering and pitch/strafing?! WTF

    Hi guys, I have a Saitek Cyborg Evo joystick and newly installed HAWX 2 updated to 1.01 which I think is the newest?
    HAWX 1, my joystick works great, no complaints really, but HAWX 2, I roll my plane clockwise and it strafes/pulls up as if I am rolling clockwise AND pulling up at the same time, basically I am performing a slow turn to the right when all I want to do is roll and keep my nose pointed in the same direction.

    Why does HAWX 1 let me point my nose at something then roll 360 degrees with my nose still pointing at it? When I do it in HAWX 2 I roll and the plane pulls away from whatever I'm pointing at... This is doing my head in as I play with fairly good precision with my stick and HAWX 2 removes any precision whatsoever.

    Can anybody help?
    Thanks in advance
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    It seems like this happens to me too, without a joystick. I know it's extremely annoying and di not happen in the original HAWX... Unfortunately I've been searching around and there's no fix.
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