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    account wiped or some kinda bug?

    Last night logging on to roam the forums it showed my class levels at 1, I shrugged it off as a bug since I seem to be encountering another bug where I try to log in and it tells me info is incorrect, but I can reload the page and I'm logged in. Today logging in it asks me to put in my beta key as if I just got invited. I'm not too worried about this since it's just beta but I have a lvl 18 assault that I planned to get to 20 for phase 2.

    Any help is much appreciated

    Edit. Class levels came back and it's actually saying level 0 not level 1. Don't think this means anything but the classes are showing up again...
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    I was also a bit concerned when I logged on today. My level is displayed as 0 and RP as 0.

    However, reading the Closed Beta Rewards, they stated that there will be no wipe, so I hope this gets 'fixed.'
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    I got the same thing, my level showed 0 and 0 RP. I'm sure our character data is secured though.
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    Hi guys,

    Don't worry. We are doing some maintenance on the servers right now, which is why your accounts are not accurately reflecting your levels.
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    UbiLauren is correct, we're just doing some server maintenance right now. We'll let you know if you have a reason to stress
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