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    Settlers7 and steam

    If i back in time got my settlers7 at steam, then i will have to rebuy to play the dlc4?? If i try download settlers 7 from uplay it just starts steams up. So how can i make it work, not gonna buy the game twice!!!
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    I don't see why exactly would you have to buy it again? If you bought it on Steam but without one DLC, I believe you could buy that DLC from Steam as well. Also, if you got a non-Steam version from a Store then you can buy that Settlers 7 DLC from the Uplay store. I hope it is still possible, I haven't checked that recently.

    Maybe you could say more information, I'm not sure I understood everything.

    I haven't had experience with, but maybe maybe adding a non-Steam game to Steam library could help.

    Which DLC are you missing?
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