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    march 22, No beta news

    Well I guess its either been delayed AGAIN or the Beta will be at the end of April. UBi just needs to come out and say when they plan the beta they have stringed us along for years
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    I dont think there was any indication March 22nd would be the deadline for beta news, all posts by admins advises that the beta is "incoming" and we should all be patient and wait for an offical announcement.

    Its frustrating but short of storming Ubi HQ with pitchforks and baguettes in hand threatening to set fire to the Eifel Tower I do believe we will indeed just have to be patient.

    I have my baguette ready btw Admins!!
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    Yea i know what ya mean the just say that its Incoming I ddint mean that march 22 there was supposed to be news just stating the day
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    Originally Posted by JediMonkeyxDoW Go to original post
    I have my baguette ready btw Admins!!
    I've sent the Drone in and am now under cover with my optical camouflage on
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    I had a feeling the camouflage was there for reasons other than asthetics and trying to be clever....darn your technical advantages UBI!!

    Le Escargo strapped with C4 should counter your defensive strategy.

    I really need to get out more.....
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    Drops a few nukes and everything is dead I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think you dropped a nuke on the joke lol.
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