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    X52 pro flight controller has huge deadzone in Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2

    I recently download Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 from the steam network. When i get into the game i notice right away that my controls are way off... they are to the extreme left and extreme down while in the game and when i go to the opposite extreme .. only then do the controls return to neutral. This makes flight impossible except to crash.
    Seeing this i immediately went into options and controls while in game. There was no way to fix in game so i closed the game and went into the Saitek X52 program to check on deadzones. Everything in that program was correctly calibrated.
    My next step was to look at the Ubi soft forums. Immediately i see that almost everyone was having this problem with all joystick controllers. I also found a patch that should fix the problem (v1.02). So I downloaded that onto my desktop making sure it was the correct version (I.E. digital vs retail). When i ran the patching program it said i didn't have a previous version installed on my computer to patch too.

    Now i do know how to reach my HAWX 2 program within the steam folder. The question i have is how do i get that patch into the steam downloaded version of HAWX 2?

    My sincere thanks to any that can help answer this question or can come up with another solution.
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    Another solution that I have heard about is to hold the middle mouse but ton down, you can use SST Saitek programming program to make this happen although how I'm not exactly sure.
    I think you have downloaded v1.02 of HAWX 1, not HAWX 2, as v1.02 HAWX 2 doesn't seem to exist.
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    Hi Men! You could configure the joystick? I have a Joystick Top Gun Afterburner II plane and insists on staying with the rudder without running to the left, you can guide me what to do?
    thank you very much
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    Ubisof don't want to do anything about it they are there to collect money with there games, it's about it""
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