My clan is looking for some players to play No respawn GRFS. Our clan is not really active right now but should come to life with GR. We are basically 1.50 KDR players. We play to win but are not hardcore campers. We are looking for players that play no respawn on S4 and confrontation but can also jump on BF3 or MW3 once and awhile. We need people that can play by their self if the clan is not on and will not bother people if they are playing other games. We are all later 20s early 30s and have a ton of games. So basically looking to play mostly on weekends. I am gonna try to get people playing the last 2 socoms again on weekends until Graw comes out. I may even get a rainbow vegas one weekend going. I am on kz3 a little right now and homefront and will be on BF3 dlc as well.
If you wanna play send me a friend request psn Execrate put graw in the subject.