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    it's true.
    the only game that is really played is Sh-3.
    in Sh-4 is nothing to see, as in Sh-5 are 2 players online players and than he is much .
    2 online players in Sh-5 is very much . I am honest, I've been in many game stores, and the most games that you can see is Sh-3 !

    we would like to start a topic in ubi Foum, a topic where players can vote !
    as the most votes to be awarded for sh-3 , sh-3 server must be started again .

    convoy commander of Sh-3
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    got this far on tunngal

    im clicking on sh3 and it takes me to a lobby with other players names on the right {not the usuall sh3 lobby} and a chat tab at the bottom and a welcome from herr winkleman but theres no game load ****on, iv'e tried this with the game loaded aswell but still no joy. can anyone see where im going wrong.OH YEA AN A BIG KICK IN THE CLACKERS TO THE CLEVER BOD WHO DECIDED TO SHUT THE ONLY SH SERVER THAT HAS ANYONE ON IT. SHALL WE ALL TROT OFF TO 5 AN LOSE THE WILL TO PLAY SUBSIMS FOREVER thanks ubi
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    have they censored the 1st 4 letters of a word that ends in ON and we do our shirts up with em an americans sit on em
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    hey bill when you join tunngle lobby as you have i see you then start up sh3 but go to LAN not the old { VERY CLOSED UBISOFT{ RATS } ONLINE }

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    Pps nice comment bill

    oh yea an a big kick in the clackers to the clever bod who decided to shut the only sh server that has anyone on it. Shall we all trot off to 5 an lose the will to play subsims forever thanks ubi
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    I have post new treat about tunngle .
    please read post .
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    I honestly didnt know anyone still played online anymore.(goes to show you how much I play online nowadays)
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    how do i play it on tungle? I have GWX running but i dont see anyone on LAN. I get to the lobby but nothing else. Can ya help a sailor?
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    all depends on time of day when players on tunngle and if you have updated to latest version of tunngle also but most that are there are not gwx3 players
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    nice one nick,finally got there but by the replys to messages on this thread theres not gonna be to many players gonna make the transition. i sat in the lobby yesterday and had a flashback to the last time i tried to play 4 online, ok see you out there sometime
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