Run and hide, the villain approaches
With a gun in his hand and a friend to avenge
Stay hidden, don't cry, the hero approaches
With fire in his soul and a father to avenge

As the gun is drawn, a bullet is released
Dead silence, all sound had ceased
The hero falls down to his knees
The villain has an ego to appease

The villain walks so slowly, the hero is wounded
The public is shattered, their hero's life will be concluded
The hero looks down the barrel of the gun
But is slightly blinded by the sun

The villain asks for any last words
The hero just laughs, this is absurd
The villain takes aim, right between the heroes eyes
Shooing away the annoying flies

The hero looks up, stares the villain in the face
The villain still takes aim, but quickens the pace
Once again the hero is asked for any last words
'take your **** shot, feed me to the birds'

The trigger is pulled, a hero falls to the ground
The villain now laughs as he looks around
A man from the police station comes around
He's heard about the commotion in town

The villain is now scared, what has he done?
Why the hell did he kill someone?
The villain goes to jail, without a question asked
The hero is buried, his legacy is never passed

For he is still a hero, even from the grave
What he did was astonishing, he was truly brave
The town is forever greatful, for they have been saved
And a far greater disaster has been forever staved

I wrote this at about 4:30 am and I know it's far from perfect
Thanks in advance!