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    Uplay....so sad

    Hello Ubisoft,

    I dont understand how you justify making a game unplayable for legitimate purchasers but still ALLOW it to be hacked cracked and tossed across the internet helter skelter... I have found more "support" for making the crack/hack pirate copy of your games than anything resembling useful information for paid users..."reset/Reconfigure your router..." doesnt work if your in a hotel... it is incredibly frustrating to try and play a game (ANNO 2070) that "supports multiplayer" when in fact 90% of the time it DOES NOT support anything resembling multiplayer unless you count multiple people on vent trying to find a set pattern that will allow us all to connect and play the game as "multiplayer" This is the first game i have bought from you and it will most likely be the last. Not that you care, you already have my money, and i have a broken game that is not playable 1 out of every3 times i launch it. I WOULD ADVISE YOU TO NOT IGNORE US. The people here that are trying to convince you that this uplay system is crap are the ones that tell their friends and family what games are good and work and which ones do not. I myself unfortunately convinced 3 other people to buy this game before we realized it was broken. Shame on me for not doing my research. In the future however i will make sure to tell AS MANY PEOPLE as possible about the farce that is Uplay and will highly reccomend passing up any games branded with Ubisoft. In case you didnt notice, these are hard times for alot of people and when they do spend the money to get a game to play and take their mind off real life, the last thing they want to deal with is other people so wound up about protecting their games from pirates that they break them for ANYONE to play.

    Anyhow feel free to brush us off, ignore our input and continue business as usual until there is no more business because every game you put out will not be bought but, cracked and passed for FREE not to avoid the cost of the game, but in order to make the game playable.

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    Hi shrektex, have you reported the issues to technical support? Not only can they troubleshoot with you, but they can use the information you give them to create patches to help others. The Anno 2070 forums are here http://forums-de.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/3231027629 which also has a lot of information.
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