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    Game crashes when vampires/darkness elementals move

    Most of the times when vampire or darkness elemental moves and does that black smoke animation, my game crashes. I have tried reinstalling game, switching video options to low but it still happens.

    pc specs: windows 7 ultimate 64bit, cpu intel i5 2500k, Radeon HD6850 grapchics card.

    Radiant or Blazing glories with their similiar movement has never caused game to crash, it's only darkness elementals and vampires. Which makes game very hard when trying to play necropolis without vampires and having to save before every fight against vampires or darkness elementals.

    Could it be that heroes have problems with ati graphic cards? LOTR war in the north had also problems with this card, iI got random lag spikes throughout whole game and in the last stage it starts lagging so bad that I haven't been able to finish that game.

    So gonna switch to nvidia card when I'll upgrade my pc next time.

    Has anyone heard of similar problem? Couldn't find any solution through forums and random google searches.
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    Hi, have you contacted technical support?
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