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    slow game

    my config is
    4 gb ram 1 gb graphic card
    512 gb hdd
    when i start my game
    its good and normally fast and even when the mission starts its still normal
    but when after some time firing and all is startd the game goes slow and **** slow
    and it even stops and hangs then i hav to go to desktop and again reopen it i mean resume it!!
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    Hello vishalmtheboss... without full PC specs I have to assume your PC processor, video card etc., are all supported because you are able to launch and play the Splinter Cell Conviction game. You mentioned in your post that when you start the game everything is normal but as the game progresses it slows down and eventually crashes to desktop.... is this in Single Player or Multiplayer or both? If you play Single Player with no problems/issues (ie. crashing to desktop) and only have problems/issues in Multiplayer, then I'm leaning toward this being a connection problem/issue. I have played with new players who have not opened their ports (, and the game symptoms you described in your post, are exactly what happens. If you have problems/issues (ie. crashing to desktop) in Single Player and Multiplayer, then I'm leaning toward this being a hardware or software compatibility problem/issue.

    If this is a connection problem/issue, then look here for more assistance/help If this is a hardware or software compatibility problem/issue, provide (here on this thread) adeqaute detailed PC specs (see and I will try to assist/help.

    Good luck.
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    Your PC is overheating. I had the exact same problem after playing games for a while. If you're running AMD, go to the Catalyst Control Center and turn your CPU Power intake to 75%.
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