Iím a strategy gamer with what I know is a common problem. Iíd love to be able to play games with my friends and family like I did when I was younger, but everyone spread across the country and with a career and family I only have an infrequent hour or so a day, so thereís no way I could join a long online game without stopping. Hereís where turn based strategy games could be perfect. I do my turn then email or check in my game on something like Ubi.com. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this. If one could simply save during a Heroes of Might and Magic Hotseat battle I could email the save file to the next person in the game. For some reason this is about the only time you cannot save in Heroes of Might and Magic 5. Why was this decision made? If this alone were changed it would mean several people I know would buy Heroes of Might and Magic 6 or whatever version it was changed in. Turn based games should be the perfect solution for time challenged gamers; instead the only email games are ports of board games. Throw us a bone Ubisoft!