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    Help with DLC activation [PS3]

    How do i activate my DLC? I bought it and now i want to play it..
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    Originally Posted by CaptBoxer Go to original post
    How do i activate my DLC? I bought it and now i want to play it..
    I'm having this problem also
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    it was only a couple of mp maps and some weapons and vehicles for single player only wasn't it?

    Goto the weapon caches in Single Player Only to use the sawn off, crossbow and quad bike can be found while exploring the sp map.
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    Can't use Fortunes Pack

    I bought Fortunes Pack from PSN Store and I can't see anything it promised.
    According to, I should have now:
    Silenced Shotgun — Silent and deadly at short range, good for stealth missions.
    Craftsman Shotgun — Devastating fire power at short range, good side-arm to back you up.
    Crossbow — Explosive bolts fired with a silent and accurate shot.

    ATV — All Terrain Vehicle, gets you across difficult terrain quickly with high maneuverability.
    Utility Truck — A big, fast and maneuverable truck equipped with a .50cal Browning, it's best for heavy vehicular fights.

    Multiplayer Maps
    Cheap Labour
    Last Resort
    Lake Smear
    Fort Fury

    I can't see those maps while creating a multiplayer match.
    Are the vehicles and weapons available for multiplayer too?
    How do I use Fortunes Pack?

    Thank you!

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