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    Brand new to Cliffs of Dover - really could use some guidance?

    Hey gang,

    While I am brand new to ClOD, I am not new to the IL2 series. First owning the original IL2, then getting IL2 FB, followed by PF. Then later a computer build and when I reinstalled everything, I just got IL2 1946 to make reinstallation more painless. I have flown many hours it the series and have had a great amount of enjoyment from it.
    I was anxiously looking forward to the sequeal, Cliffs of Dover. After it was released, reading the many issues it was having, I decided to hold off for a while. Went back to civilian simming with FSX. Well the itch hit me of late, and I took another look and it appears " some " of the issue have been addressed, while a major update is soon to be forthcoming that sounds like at least, will make the sim much more playable for many, with drastic increase in performance.

    Now I know these forums here, used to be an excellent resource for IL2 FB and PF. It has been quite some time since I have been active here. I have posted for information and feedback on the 1C forums, but have to say, I am so overwhelmed by those forums, all the different possible sections to post in, I get lost on where I have posted, and the proper sub forum to post into.

    Where I am now: I have purchased this sim and it is installed. I have gone in and adjusted my graphics settings per a faq I had read at the 1C forums. I have done the initial takeoff and landing training in single player - did ok on those. I have not spent any more time flying than that.
    I just feel very overwhelmed by it all right now, and just need to figure out the best way for me to move forward from here. All I have done in the control menu so far, is make sure aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle are mapped to the proper axis on my Cougar. That is it.

    Below is a copied from my last post so far on the 1C forums, thought I would try here as well. Any guidance at all, certainly is greatly appreciated.


    Well the sim is installed, I have gone in and set my graphics options using one of the faq's here as a guideline. I went into the controls and just made sure my aileron, throttle, and rudder was assigned to the proper axis on my Cougar, so I would have at least the very basic controls hopefully available to me to at least to get to take a quick look at this.

    So this afternoon for the first time, I actually clicked the play ****on. I went into the training menu, and selected takeoff. Well first attempt, the instructor said that was the worst bit of flying he has ever seen and took control away from me LOL. In my defense this was prior to properly assigned the 3 controls to my Cougar. Then I went back and tried it again, and aced the takeoff procedure - he thought it was a fine bit of flying.
    I then proceeded to do the landing training - managed to ace that one on my first attempt.

    Pleased to see my Track IR worked right out the chute with the sim. I will need to work on a profile for it for this one though, it was a little docile for my liking...

    Probably little too early to comment on the graphics and performance no more than I have flown so far- looks pretty good, seems like I maybe saw a little stuttering but not real bad.

    I am a little surprised at how overwhelming this all seems to me at the moment, considering all the hours of fun I have had with the IL2 series.

    I guess my next step before going further would be to dig into the contols again, and start mapping them to my Cougar, or creating a profile for the key commands for my Cougar? I hear many are airplane specific, so maybe I need to pick the plane I will be starting with first? I know somewhere in anther thread I think, I had a recommendation of couple planes to start with, can't seem to find it now.

    Just mainly thinking out loud here , of course any and all guidance is always greatly appreciated! And if I am making these posts in the wrong forum sections, please let me know - I think this is the technical forum and not sure it is appropriate here or not. I just see so many, even just what appears to be a COD main forum that does not follow a specific section - guess that would be considered like just a catch all forum?

    Thanks for any tips,
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    I don't have a lot more hours than you, however a few suggestions spring immediately to mind:
    • Go full difficulty on mechanicals and controls except for Anthropomorphic Controls. You'll get much better and more realistic performance this way.
    • Assign controls for mixture and propellor pitch/speed. You will need them.
    • Find out what sort of propellor control the aicraft you're flying has. Some are fixed ptich, some have only two pitch settings, some are variable pitch and some are constant speed. Work out how to manage the applicable type before you try to fly it (or be prepared to lunch a lot of engines).
    • If you're going to fly gunner positions in bombers, make sure you have controls assigned for turrets. Especially important is the control to switch between cruise (locked) and combat (movable) settings. Switching will take up to 10 seconds so you need to be prepared before you enter a combat area.
    • Familiarise yourself with instrument layouts before flying. Engine management is much more critical than previous games from Maddox.
    • Familiarise yourself with startup procedures and operating temperature ranges in your chosen types. At full mechanical difficulty settings, attempting to take off with oil or coolant not warm enough or too hot will lunch your engine.

    A note on anthropomorphic controls, this setting is intended to prevent players using keyboard macros and modern HOTAS units to perform actions quicker than was possible to a pilot with two hands and all manual control systems. However in it's current form, if your controller is supplying slightly unstable signal on one or two axes it can prevent other controls from responding at all. For this reason it is strongly advised to leave this difficulty setting off even if you're a fanatical "full difficulty" player.
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    Many thanks for the detailed reply Tully, I am sure that will be most helpful as i get into this.
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    Have a look at this awesome Aircraft Operations Checklist put togethere by 2GvSAP_Flea:


    It will make your live a lot easier. You can prind some of the pages and use them as cheat sheet when you fly.
    Flying this planes is actually a lot easier than it looks. Once you get used to the begaviour of the engine, its easy to figure out some settings that will require minimal attention....well, unless you get into the Blenheim..
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    Many thanks for that Jaws, I have saved that file to my computer.

    Any recommendations on what might be a good plane to start out with?
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    Both the Hurricane and the 109 are easy. Just watch the RPMs and temps and you'll be ok.

    There are quite a few tutorials on you tube for this game. It should help.
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