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    I am very glad that I still use WIN XP Home. with Nvidia GTX 260 OC 896 MB GDDR3, 3 1/4 GB ( max for Win XP Home ) Memory ,AMD Phenom II X4 3.4 GHz 8.0 MB Processor.

    Except for the normal FC2 glitches I've NEVER had a problem.

    Good ole Vista and Win7, for each time either claims victory playing FC2 ten gripe and complain. What a mess.
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    Still having log in probs with original nickname, and still playing bug riddled FC2 FE. I have decided that I will not be buying FC3 for quite some time due to the failure of Ubisoft to fix FC2 which is evidently still as popular as a 'game' of sorts even now.
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    my computer windows 7 , avatar game inst. code d activation? not open. pls activation code
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