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    Warrior Within difficulty level

    So, I purchased the HD Trilogy and already finished The Sands of Time. I'm about to start Warrior Within, but I'm not sure whether I should play it normal or hard. I've played this long ago on my PS2, and I remember having a blast. However, I can't remember what level I played it. What do you guys suggest? Is hard too difficult? Or should I just stick with normal?
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    Well, that's a personal thing, hard for someone might be easy for someone else. So look at how you deal with hard difficulty on other games, and go from there. That said, I'm not that good, and I didn't find hard that hard. Hope this helps.
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    The game is more difficult than it needed to be.
    The "easy" level is not as easy as it could have been programmed.
    When I first played the game not yet understanding how to optimize my combination moves, I unnecessarily spent too much time trying to injure the "Woman in Black" enough to proceed with the game.
    I suggest starting with the EASY level. If you easily get to the shipwreck scene, then you might decide to start a new game with a higher level of difficulty.
    Once you start a profile, you are not allowed to change the difficulty level.
    I have since named my profile to include some sort of indication of its difficulty level such as jayHard, jayEasy, JayH, JayE, etc.
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