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    Ghostrecon 1 - Desert Siege - Island Thunder

    Hey all i used to play a lot of ghostrecon 1.. Desert Siege - Island Thunder on PC and i would really like to get back into it, but it seems like no body plays the game no more, dose anyone still play this game or no anybody who has any Severs? hope somone out there who dose play it

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    if you download or have xfire there are games on there running that people are hosting.

    Look under servers tab all:

    Server NameDanish Force [DK-F]
    Server IP
    Server Ping189
    Server InfoDP01 Stronghold (13/29)
    Game Type\mods\mp1;\mods\mp2

    currently running

    NamePops WAR-Zone
    Server IP
    Server Ping55
    Server Info*SK* Fort - Jungle Rain (0/19)
    Game Type\mods\mp1;\mods\mp2;\mods\silent_killers_2_rap id_strike;\mods\silent killers dark storm;\mods\silent killers vengeance;

    Server Namefenbr.no-ip.info
    Server IP
    Server Ping207
    Server Info*C01 Plantation -Clear- (3/15)
    Game Type\mods\mp1;\mods\mp2;\mods\da49

    Server NameGRChile SóloMatch
    Server IP
    Server Ping192
    Server InfoMP05 Docks (0/15)
    Game Type\mods\mp1;\mods\mp2;\mods\skypeghost
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    Server Namebaires
    Server IP
    Server Ping96
    Server InfoC06 Polling Center (4/15)
    Game Type\mods\mp1;\mods\mp2;\mods\bb_aio_200;\mods\bh_ clean_cmap;
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    thanks guys i use to play with Danish Force [DK-F] do any of these servers have websites do you no?
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    How do I host my own server on X-Fire? I have searched tell my fingers bleed with no answer!!!!!! Please help!!!!
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    guys i only hav island thunder but is there any server that i can go on those wont work it says wrong software i just hav island thunder is there a server that has no requirments as long as u hav island thunder
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