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    Random crashes

    SOooooo my game keeps crashing , when i first bought the game in october it ran fine for a few days and then it started crashing , i thought it was a bug so i deleted the game , recently i reinstalled and updated the game but it still crashes , i had the same problem with a older game The Witcher but after using a error repair software it fixed the problem and the game ran fine , but it didnt help heroes the game crashes ramdomly not when im doing nothign every time i do something , for exemple i pressed the character screen , it crashed , i changed an option it crashed , in a battle a cliked on a enemy it crashed this what the windows event saw when it crashed

    Faulting application might & magic heroes vi.exe, version, faulting module might & magic heroes vi.exe, version, fault address 0x004ef643.
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    Hi, looking at your error description it sounds like the same problem as this thread someone has seemed to have found a solution here
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    i tried the first fix in the topic with complete delete and clean registry but it still crashes and if u mean the second fix , i have ati not nvidia
    Windows event saw this now
    Faulting application might & magic heroes vi.exe, version, faulting module d3d9.dll, version 5.3.2600.2180, fault address 0x00088562.
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