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    Precision Bombing

    Can someone please guide me to a tutorial or walkthrough that can get me through Operation Pandora's Hope, the one where you have to bomb the bridges approaching the Kremlin. I don't seem to have any control over the A/C once I'm in PB mode, I can't ditch flares or do anything to combat airborne enemy fighters I'm not the quickest on the keys but I'm getting nowhere near the objective of 4 bridges myclosest has been two. Help!!
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    When in PB mode you lose control of the A/C in order to control the bomb sight. This will also slow the A/C down to around 200mph. To maneuver or use flares you need to exit the 'sight, I think the default key (for PC) is "4".
    With regard to the bridges, drop a bomb and move on, it's the fastest way to destroy them all.

    EDIT: Oh, and make sure to take out most of the enemy jets before you have to bomb the bridges. Helps a ton!
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    Thanks Garnett, I got there in the end, but couldn't work out why I lost control once in PB mode. all it took then was for me to speed up a bit.
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