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    Ubisoft services are unavailable ... again?!

    For crying out loud, why can't you have a decent server monitoring and support system!!!
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    Server down ? How long ? Same problem here. I planned to play HOMM6 and drink Pepsi today. Guess now a just have to drive lo a liquer store and buy a bottle of vodka and get wasted, LOL
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    Same problem here. Just bought this game and couldn't even activate offline mode because of this.
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    ******ed, could use a more active support, wonder if anyone is even working on this, no notification or expected uptime
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    Apparently servers are down again.
    I wonder if even numbers in this franchise are cursed or something... And who was the ****ed fool who made compaign mode games be linked to online services?!
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    (Excerpt from mail sent to Ubisoft Support)

    Would it be possible to throw a very large stick at the CEOs of Ubisoft, with a note attached, saying that it's common business sense to, when releasing a game that requires you to be online to get most of the game content, that you ALSO provide sufficient and transparent online support, stability and services?

    I've rarely in my life seen such abhorable support and transparency in online support for a game that requires you to be online to play.

    This is not hard, many companies before Ubisoft has gotten this right, as far back as 2001 (Tribes 2), and Steam has gone through the muck of starting up a service like Conflux, so it shouldn't be necessary to do it all over.
    If it is hard, may i tie a secondary note to aforementioned stick, if you have no intent or ability to provide a service to a mandatory system you are forcing your players through, DO NOT IMPLEMENT IT. And most certainly don't apply such a feature as conflux if you have no intent to keep it supported even when things aren't going the way you anticipated!

    Again, Sierra managed this even as Tribes 2 circled the drain, the playerbase was far smaller, but they at least had the common courtesy to provide the service for which they asked money for.

    But since the damage has been done, and Conflux is now an integral part in your playerbases experience with the game, may i suggest you become more transparent?
    If the servers aren't running properly, add some info either via. the launcher or on your forums. "Try again later" is a relic from the time when automated answering machines ruled the phone-lines.
    The level of competency shown by Ubisoft is.. depressing.

    Really, Ubisoft (Not the reader of this mail, it's not a stab at you), If you are this incompetent, go out of business with some dignity, and sell the franchise to a company that is competent and willing to keep the playerbase alive.

    Or is it all about the monetary gain, and in no way connected with profesional honour and love for the work?
    Again, may i remind those who view the gaming industry in such a way, of what happened back in '86? Also because companies had no integrity or love for their industry?
    It all went to hell, and a lot of people went bankrupt..

    Angry and very dissapointed fan of HoMM.

    P.S. I realise the tone of this mail is far from friendly, but neither is taking someones money and not provide the service that was paid for, to a satisfactory level
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    What worries me is that Ubisoft servers regularly have several hours long maintenance. Something is very flawed about the server design when you need such a long downtime period in a service that is expected to be online 24/7.
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    As an IT expert I would like to see their server room and back-ups. One dedicated to UPlay & one to Conflux ? If this server has blue-screened is it possible that there is NO ONE to reset it ?

    Saturday afternoon, OK I'm not working either. But that fact can be read that now I'd like to take it easy and maybe PLAY PC games ?

    I cannot quess the load on these servers and won't write an essey about DRM. I can understand that servers are down, I can understand the lack-of-staff. What I CANNNOT understand is why I cannot find a single post anywhere where there is an rough estimate how bad it is and how long I have to keep my tumb in my a.. before the problem is solved.

    Well, quess I don't have a life when I whine here but I really need that booze now...
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    DRM nonsenses …

    After downloading a pirated version and playing through the tutorial I decided I like the game and I bought the deluxe edition through steam yesterday.. (I always play demo's or pirated copies before buying a game)

    Biggest mistake ever ... Now I'm a valid paying costumer that got about 8 hours of play and 8 ours of down time without even an official response to what's happening or an ETA.

    If only I had browsed this forum before parting with my hard earned money ...

    So ubisoft is now punishing me because I gave them my money, at the same time that pirates can enjoy the game. Well I'm installing a cracked version again from reloaded or skidrow and you can be sure that I will never EVER buy anything else from ubisoft again.

    P.S. If you want to do something about this situation there is no point posting here since ubisoft support employees only respond to problems that have to do with your hardware and completely ignore any message about downed services .... The only way you can lean on ubisoft to do something about it, is to write to IGN or GAMESPOT about it. Maybe they will do an article about this crappy service that will press ubi to change something. So give it a go and write to any local gaming magazines, cant hurt
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