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    Same here...
    I cannot connect to the server..so cannot play the game..
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    Is this how Ubisoft normally treats theire customers?

    I am sorry to read that the server can be down a couple of times every week.
    I seems to me that Ubisoft are trying to make us believe that a copy protection of the software is a a feature for the good of the users!

    Since this is my firs Ubisoft game (i just bought Settlers 7) i feel i little bit irritated if this is the normal way for Ubisoft to do business.
    Maybe it was a bad idea to buy a Ubisoft product...
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    Servers are online!!

    Moderators can close topic
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    Are Servers Offline Sunday March 18th? i have same issue as above, have for about 14 hours so far...
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    I have same problems with servers... That is not good at all...
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