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    Calorie counter

    This has to be the most brutal calorie counter. I've managed to work myself up to the 16 and 18 mins boot camp sessions which leave my knees shaking and my body screaming only to see 16 calories burned. How depressing! Not just boot camp, but other sessions too like jump rope and Run the World which keeps the heart rate up, but give you a surprisingly low amount of calories burned.

    I've had the game since Xmas and have used it religiously 3 to 4 times a week for about 45 mins a day totaling about 35 or so sessions and I've FINALLY hit the 1000 cumulative calorie count. That's equiv to a little more than a 6 pack of coke.
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    Hi, koolcat1971. The problems mentioned by you have already been adequately discussed in other threads. There you will find enough information and some workarounds. The most common cause of low calorie counting in YSFE 2012 is, that the profile data was not entered correctly. Please check this first.
    A good advice: If Boot Camp strains you so much, you should better prepare for it with other exercises. In any case, you should not overdo it. Moreover, the calorie count in Boot Camp has a bug. The only known workaround until now is to step out of the game after every two exercises, wait a few seconds, then continue. If you do this quickly and the timing is right, you can even continue a perfect combo.
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