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    Settlers 7

    Anybody any idea why my game runs so slow? The sreen scrolls jerkily, build windows open slowly, every so often the game just stops, sometimes for as long as a minute. I thought at first it was lack of memory so I shelled out £40 and doubled my RAM up to 4gb but it's made no difference. It was almost tolerable when I played the campaign but now I've moved onto Chronicles of Tandria it's become very problematic. I'm running Windows XP Pro.
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    What is your video card? The game run smoothly for me except when there is server problems and then it just freezes and the "Attempting to restore Network Connections..." window comes up. I used to run XP before my computer crashed. It was just the same as Windows 7.
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    Im working on an acer laptop, 3 yrs old with Vista home. Spec's of the machine are higher than the requirements, but machines get old fast and dont meet their spec's anymore (especially laptops go down like this quickly). On this I have to lower graphics on the largest maps.
    When I also added an external cooler under the laptop overall performance and speed wend up. With this game since the processor gets very hot due to the high graphical demands. I found that as long as the highest overall temperature is 75 degrees celcius the game works fine, on 85 it slows down heavily and 95 it crashes. I use HWmonitor to track the temperatures.

    Also I noticed that after playing a large or bigger map I need to reboot, to free the memory to be able to have some speed on the next map. For some reason the memory don't get released totally after leaving a map and the flooding slows down the next map exponentionally.

    The Chronicles of Tandria I started on high settings and ended on lowest of the lowest. Shame, but **** happens
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