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    Interest in a good , serious TMNT game

    Hello to all, including hopefully a few at Ubisoft. I was just thinking the other day about the TMNT franchise. I am one who enjoyed the classic arcade games that konami made back in the late 80's/early 90's. I think the attachment to the characters, combined with the choices in character and personality different people could identify with. The ability to partner up with other people to tackle the enemy horde together was exciting. The bright graphics and at the time sweet voice work made those titles instant classics in my book.

    So now, 20 years later and having the opportunity to play these games again, they do show their age. You can see the veneer of polish washed away in a sea of simplistic b_tton mashing that becomes more laborous the further into the game you get. Now they will always have a special place in my heart, but I feel the time has come for someone to take another look at the idea.

    I have played some of the past Turtles games that have come along since then. I am not trying to slam them, but they did seem to cater to a simple audience, one that was as impressed by the cutscenes of the current iteration of the TMNT cartoon in between the fighting. Not bad games, just not taken seriously. I have the most respect for the turtle game made by Ubisoft that went with the mid 2007-08 movie. It was a much better attempt at giving the turtles a meatier story with more effort put into diversifying the gameplay. I liked the idea, but after a while, I realized the game was more like Prince of Persia than a TMNT game. But I did like it, it is the best TMNT game made to date, barring a few missing details.

    You gotta have all four together. I know that concept would not have worked in that last example, but that was what I felt was missing.......for starters.

    I feel that a turtles game can be made that could to justice to the fighting prowess and teamwork that could happen between them. I am no expert on the logistics of having four characters that each have different semi deep movesets and combos. It just seems that if they can make a 1 on 1 game with 30 characters with 50 moves each, they could come up with something that was both accessible and provided opportunities for depth and variety.
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    So what would a good TMNT game be like? I'm gonna try and list some of the things I would look for. First, 4 player simultaneous, drop-in, drop-out, on or offline play. A semi deep combat system for each turtle, no copy and swapping moves, unless they make sense for that character to do so. The ability to attack in multiple directions, not just left or right. An attack system that involves more than one b_tton, that would increase variety as well as putting more control of the combo in the players hands. Special moves that don't drain health, but maybe some other kind of meter. Combination moves with other turtles and with the environment. Grabbing and throwing bad guys in some capacity, especially into other bad guys. A lengthy campaign, it would be nice to put more than an hour into a game. As many of the iconic characters they can fit in while still making good enemies, the Shredder has to be the big boss, or one of the big bosses. I personally think that having the foot soldiers be robots is a better device to have fun with in a game. It gives you free reign to envision Raphael skewering a Foot through the eye without the feeling I would get that it wouldn't seem right to have him do that to a person. They aren't psychotic. They have morals and a strict code they follow(well, Leo for sure, but they're all good guys, no anti-heroes here).
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    Well, I know that their older comics were darker, so maybe in context a more violent style with human opponents wouldn't be bad. But what, should we really see the turtles eviscerate numerous people? I just think that gore doesn't fit with the Turtles.

    Sorry to be so long winded, but again, I'm having a discussion about a more serious TMNT game. Imagine Batman: Arkham City with a scaled down combat system plus weapons times four. Each turtle has opportunities to be different in their mannerisms and fighting style, which would be based around the nature of their weapon. Their personalities are very different, but when it comes time to fight, they all seem to have skills. It would be great to see real martial artists consulted to get input on the pros and cons of each weapon and how that affects their style. At a glance, I would say Donatello has the range advantage, either Raph or Mikey for speed, Raph or Don for strength, Leo as a balanced sort. But also maybe whichever one could handle a crowd the best, but not quite so strong against a single skilled opponent, or vice versa. Maybe whichever one is the best and grappling/reversing moves. Raph strikes me as someone who could fight in a manner similar to Wolverine, using his Sais like claws to stab and counter enemies and throw them at each other. Whichever one can take the most punishment. I think that combination attacks between 2 or more characters could be interesting with some visual flair, but I's still like to keep the action fairly realistic. The same should be true for special moves, no outrageous silly attacks. There's no reason the fighting can't be tight with good variety, even with a light tone. And then there's smaller detials, like should Mikey use 2 or 1 nunchuku? I say whatever makes his moveset better, and it opens up options because it frees up a hand. Leo having katanas in both hands could make him a great standard attacker, but not really so much for grappling. I think the color palette that gives them different skintones is essential. Their should be other differences, like in their bandanas and pads. Maybe one of them could have a different material from the others, or be rolled or torn differently in some way. Why not even make them slightly different in height? or Weight/build? Raph seems like he would be the brute, while Don is somewhat taller and lanky. Different shell patterns perhaps. I think it would would be nice to create more individuality than just headband color and weapon.

    OK I think I'm done for now. I hope a few people out there still share my enthusiasm for a good TMNT game. I know I would love to get my hands on something that has most of what I described above. I'd love to continue this thread with any other ideas anyone can add. I would be great to see something get going, so this isn't just a pipe dream.
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    Ubisoft made TMNT as a movie tie-in. As far as I know Konami has the rights for TMNT
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    I heard a rumor once that Rocksteady,the company that built Batman Arkham City was working on a new TMNT game.I was excited thinking of how awesome the ninja combat would be.But the rumor was false.I liked the 2007 movie very much and hope that an open world TMNT game comes up from Rocksteady.
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    There is a new TMNT movie coming soon, so for sure they`ll do a game. If Rocksteady would take it under their wings and make it as sweet as Arkham City,
    i`ll be one happy camper
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