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    One of the worst games I've ever played.

    I played the demo of I Am Alive and thought it looked good. The design is good and it has the feel of a post doomsday world. The game disappoints. The game looks and feels un0finished and the combat is a joke. I stopped playing after 30 minutes and deleted it from my hard drive. I coulden't take playing this crap anymore. Looking into trying to get a refund.
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    Don't think you'll get one because you didn't like it. Good luck.
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    The combat gets a lot easier with replay. I can't see how you liked the demo but then hated the game, the combat is IN the demo, and just like everything else in the full release, gets expanded and better as the game goes on.
    Sounds like the challenge is what you didn't like to me, deleted it long before you got the bow or the grappling hook, nice one.

    I played the demo and wasn't going to buy the game because of it, but I took the chance and am happy that I did. I embraced the concept and the idea of the 'experience' though, and didn't go into with outlandish expectations.
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