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    Getting Bored Playing the same old maps over and over again.

    Come on Bluebyte for goodness sake push something out - or give us the means to do it ourselves. Map forge is okay but you can only tweak map behaviours so far what about some new terrains. Surely a new DLC isn`t that difficult or expensive to produce.

    I am sure we look forward to your usual silence on all matters Settlers related.

    A year ago this forum was buzzing - today its just dead.
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    You are expressing my sentiment of wanting new content AND/or a map editor. This brilliant game played on maps deservers a map editor!
    Fan content is awesome. Heroes 5 got one. I don't understand why it's not there as the game would sell more and the community woud still be very much alive.
    Maybe we should ask nicely for a change and in an expectant mode? Might work..
    After all there is a map called mapeditor. Why is it there awesome developers? I l so heart your game. And will there be any more DLC in the future, please?
    Looking forward to your reply. xxx
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    Settlers 7 remained half-finished project after it's last 1.12 update, a year ago. Game was targeting mainly German market and had low sales internationally. That is why sales figures were low and Ubisoft suspended the game's further development and support.

    Why half-finished, you might ask. Many reasons are for this claim:

    - lots of huge single / multiplayer bugs still remain today (ladder system counts achievements randomly, opponents' clerical quests and proselytism / bribery can be obstructed in several unfair ways like one-pikemen attack at (special) sector or breaking down custom roads, military quests can be achieved with only few pikemen using double / triple sided coordinated attacks at many quest locations, some VPs depend on startup map position - Ascetic and Pacifist, delaying conquering of a sector by your opponent is still very possible if you have Forced march technology etc etc.)

    - no map editor has ever been released

    - co-op mode has only few maps

    - DRM scheme still remains

    - all helpdesk support and forum communications for this game has been revoked
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    Originally Posted by Decina Go to original post
    Settlers 7 remained half-finished project after it's last 1.12 update, a year ago. Game was targeting mainly German market and had low sales internationally. That is why sales figures were low and Ubisoft suspended the game's further development and support.

    - all helpdesk support and forum communications for this game has been revoked
    where did you get this information? any links? thx
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    I wonder where Decina got that information too although it would explain the complete lack of interest in what is being discussed by the so called moderators of this site. I am fairly sure that a game of this complexity and cost to develope was ever designed for a single country group although I know they use germany as a testing ground for it as it is a popular game there.

    If what Decina says is correct then surely it would be better for Bluebyte or UBISOFT to remove the DRM requirement to releive the burden of providing server space and access. As for freehand map building and editing - other games such as UNREAL TOURNAMENT even the earlier version still hve massive appeal to their fan base mainly because new content is always being produced by the players themselves - often better than the original material by the developers.

    I have looked at a couple of the Anno Games but although similiar I think they are no where near as good as Settlers, The Anno series unlike Settlers seems to work on the grid system of planting down buildings and is not as free as the settlers maps. The games are granted more complex but on the other hand take longer so can be played less often in multiplayer mode as working people, the people who usually have the money to buy the games in the first place when they are released, also are the people who limited time to enjoy a battle with each other.

    This game has reached its 7th re-incarnation it would not have done so if it were not for fans of the series buying it. I personally have bought and played every single version from the first one and enjoyed each on its own merits.

    I would like to think if Ubisoft or Bluebyte have decided to shelve any further developement of this game or the series then they would have the decency to update the fan base and let everyone know not to expect anything more. I would also like to think they would remove the DRM and issue a map maker and turn the game over to those who can keep it going

    You would think in these harsh economic times that Game developers would listen to people, I don`t have the cash to go out and buy the latest console or computer game any more the initial outlay is just too expensive I am sure that many people are the same, I would rather spend the occassional £6 on a new map pack for a game I already own and enjoy than £45 on something new in the hope that it lives up to expectations as often they don`t.

    To hang a game out to die that has had 7 re-incarnations when it could be modified and added to is completely beyond my comprehension. Must admit I have pretty much stopped buying new release games now they are too expensive and often as I have said do not live up to the ir own hype. Better to wait 6 months and pick them up cheap and try them once the glitches have been ironed out and the reviewers have had their say.

    It would be nice to get some sort of indication from Bluebyte as to where things go from here, can we expect more from this series? Surely someone in their mighty research and developement can issue a news update to the fan base.

    I think we deserve one as the site is hopelessly out of date.
    Or am I the only one who thinks this? Yes I do have a real life! Lol I just like Settling on Friday nights now beer has become too expensive.
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    Excellent post pogle! I agree with all of it.
    Yes, please, just release a mapeditor and let us keep this game going on forever. I'd pay good money for it too. (maybe that'll wake them up? :-))
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    I certainly agree there should be a real map editor. What they offer now is sad, imo.

    Personally, I could keep myself interested in existing content for a long time. The game is soooo good. Classic. How could they let it fade away?

    But I agree, there should be new content offered. What about UBI's other games? Are they languishing too? Is it a Corporate problem?
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    why do people keep blaming the current state of this game on bluebyte?

    bluebyte (the developers) are told what to do by ubisoft (the publishers & parent company), if bluebyte are not developing for this game, it's because ubisoft have told them, and are paying them to focus their efforts elsewhere.

    ubisoft is the organ grinder, bluebyte is merely the monkey in the cage.
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    I do wonder why they put their focus now on the FREE online version...what's up with that
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    if you want to mod the settlers 7 check a link below its ina japan but they got BBA extractor and compressor so you can mod some files,if you got problem with japan just use chrome translator. enjoy

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