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    MIACLAN.NET is one of the oldest clans online today and biggest. We have our marks everywhere, but most importantly, we want our marks in GRO. To become a member you need to know the following...

    -Be 15 or older
    -Have a microphone for talking in teamspeak
    -Represent MIA the way we represent it, with pride and honor and respect
    -Be respectful
    -No hacking and no glitching
    -No foul words

    http://miaclan.net is the website, register, then click We Are Recruiting, Apply Here Now, put down OTHER for game division, and in what games you play put GRO and Member who sent you, put BRIANTITAN
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    Well its open now in prod, and actually its the best time to build a new clan- you get the early adopters who are serious...
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