I just finished watching the second season and am very... Upset. I've heard of there being a third season (I hope the rumors are true!) but the ending wasn't very pleasing. I sure as hell didn't expect a happy ending, but that was down right cruel. Ciel is just used again and again, be it for his 'pure' soul or for so called love. I can not believe they made him into a demon (I keep thinking he's a vampire. Thank god he isn't, or I might just hate it) and made Sebastian go through more crap. Now, I by no means dislike Ciel, he's my favorite guy character of all time for crying out loud, but the new guy is just and arrogant fool. We all know Ciel was a tad bit arrogant from the start, but that was of his pride, not his desires of his human life basically gone.

AND WHAT OF PLUTO?! They just like, killed him off. And of the servants? I highly doubt they'll just stay at the mansion. I'll be happier if Claude just... Doesn't move or even twitch. Hope he stays dead, the creep. Did anyone notice Grell brake the fourth wall at the end? And poor Lizzy, nobody ever really considers her and Ciel a pair. Of course, I shouldn't be talking. I'm for Sebby-Chan and Ciel all the way.

What did you guys think of the anime?