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    hard drive is formatted and brand new...

    ...therefore its a problem with the software, obviously.

    i am alive, sounds like a bad pun to me. it randomly freezes, w/o warning. just like other ubisoft console games i own.

    patch them please.
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    Not necessarily. It could be your internet connection getting packet loss or jitter, cpu, gpu, or system ram.
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    Why do I keep seeing this bizarre explanation popping up about suspect internet connections being the cause of bugs in the game? It makes no sense. The only time that would be a factor is if the game was played online, and it isn't. If there was any problem during the act of actually downloading the game, the file would corrupt, the download would stop and you'd know about it, the game certainly wouldn't be playable at all. LIVE isn't like the 'normal' internet, they have extra safeguards in place that prevent faulty transfers corrupting downloaded data.

    And to add more weight to the problem, I recently started my second playthough, and I too have had the game start freezing in places. My first playthough was absolutely problem free (if I ignore the God-awful save system that forced me to restart at one point). As for the history of my console, to remove that from the equation, my Elite is as good as brand new, it's barely three months old.
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    You downloaded the game therefore if you get a lot of packet loss or jitter with your connection it can corrupt the file and no it won't necessarily be obvious. You are having a issue that only a few people are having. i don't think that there are enough people having this issue to really say the game is broke at this point. If there were hundreds, yeah there is probably a problem, but so far it's just a hand full and that leads me to believe its not the game. All Xbox's are pretty much the same as far as hardware and such, there have been a few minor changes amongst the models, but there is someone with every single model I assure you that is playing this game successfully. By deduction that tells me the game is fine, it also tells me that it has to be either a hardware issue or a connection issue since it is a downloadable game. If this was a disc that you had we could rule out your connection but it is not. I am not trying to be a jerk I am just trying to help. I really like this game and want t to be popular so there will be a future for this franchise.
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    I've had genuine problems with downloading games in the past from LIVE, to the point where I had a technical advisor from Xbox Support's 'escalation team' monitoring my downloads and talking to me while I was downloading. I know from experience that the moment there is a genuine problem, the connection breaks and the file stops downloading. That's something LIVE does as a safeguard. The problems people are experiencing simply cannot be anything to do with a suspect internet connection. It's not possible to have a game downloaded from LIVE that's somehow 'a bit broken'. It will either be corrupt and won't be recognised by the console at all, or it will be completely fine, there's no mid-ground.

    Bugs in games, by their very nature, are random and inconsistent. Very rarely can they be made to happen on command. Just because only a few have been reported doesn't mean it's the consoles involved, much less the internet connections. It doesn't help that this board is very quiet anyway, I'm not surprised only a few people have reported problems, there's only a few people who post here.
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    Hi guys,

    Can I please make sure that everyone with any issue, is reporting the problem to support?

    support play a vital role in troubleshooting and passing this info onto the Dev team, so it's important that they have as much information as possible.

    You can contact them via the links in my signature.

    The first reply you get, maybe an automated reply with an FAQ or some thing to try, please make sure you reply to that message and state if it did not fix the issue, since this will allow them to investigate further.
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    First playthrough I had no freezes, I've had two since, during playthroughs where I had a bunch of retries or episode restarts (by choice, not due to difficulty, want that perfect run). I had similar problems on my PC with Rainbow 6 in the old days, after significant play time the cache gets full and things slow down causing errors and freezes.
    Just hard shut down the box and start from the save, it's not difficult, and then try not to die so much. Also, try deleting all the random crap on your hard drive, like all the demo's you don't play anymore.
    I played GTA after IAA and THAT froze my box too. Try some basic troubleshooting before getting panicked, any time your playing from the hard drive alone there is an increased risk of crashing, there's a bunch of processing as opposed to basic disc reading.
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