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    Please fix the Forum's language censorship filter.

    There appears to be a bug in the new Forum software. A language censorship filter appeared around the same time as tweaks to the font size and blue highlighting of URL links were added… the problem didn't exist when the Forum was initially relaunched in January.

    Unfortunately, the filter looks for sequences of letters rather than complete words, replacing the letters with asterisks (*). This results in corrupted posts.

    This issue affects threads throughout the Myst Forums (and presumably others), including a couple of my own posts (which can't be edited).
    In my case, "b u t t o n (s)" now appears as "****on" and "****ons", the letters "b u t t" apparently worthy of censorship. Unfortunately, these words are key words in script code that I've made available for readers to copy.

    If possible, please reverse the effect of the filter, then perhaps set it up so that it looks for complete words only. Thanks.
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    Previously reported by me a few weeks ago and had no response. ...Click here for a possible bypass trick
    (in the General discussion forum, top of index page)
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    nanoukmetal - the language filter problems were brought to the attention of Ubi staff at the time you reported them. No results as yet, obviously.
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    Thanks to those responsible for fixing the language filter (at least as far as the word "button" is concerned).
    I'm pleased to report that my affected posts have been reinstated to their original status, without requiring any personal edits.
    Thanks again.
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