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    Can't grab MedKit

    I can't grab the Med Kit.
    I've re-mapped the keys to no avail, it comes up with a dialog box to save game or continue without saving, it's nothing like the Quick Save F5 or F6 dialog.
    Sure would like to get out of that room, and ideas ?
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    I have a grab problem occasionally, I find that sometimes you have to approach it from an angle as opposed to straight on. The hand is there but sometimes hard, sometimes easy. Stand in front of med kit, save and leave game. Reload and try again. It does not always work but it is the only option I can think of, unless you have been 'modding' the game?
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    Happens to me also and I imagine every FC2 player for its a code glitch. I get it sometimes trying to get a gun in the gun shop as the gun image won't show up therefore I can't get the gun. No problem, just save game, reboot, reload game and viola your back in business.

    EDIT: You do need to reboot your computer to bring back the code correctly and it will work every time. Just reloading sometimes it will not work.
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