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    Game won't start

    I got a beta key earlier today, activated it, and downloaded the game. For some reason, whenever I click start, it just does... nothing. Any idea's what might be going on with it here? I got the correct Microsoft thing it said, I got a more than powerful enough PC, as it can run games like Skyrim decently on high.
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    Ok, nevermind. I solved that problem, though now get a blank black screen whenever I start it up. I can still alt-tab/task manager off from it, though.
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    I have the same problem.I got a BETA key,got the game ,installed and when i click ' Start Game' it does nothing can someone help me plz?
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    Same issue here, start, then the Ghost skull sign appear, I hear error sound and get "not responding"
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    I know :(((

    At first it worked for me but the game was super laggy
    and then I left
    and tried to come back, but AVG said there was a threat on my computer
    so I panicked and moved it to the Virus Vault, but I think I cancelled it because i didn't see it in my Virus Vault
    Now I can't even click Start Game

    How do I delete all of it and start over?
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