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    Beta - Matchup


    currently the system which creates the teams seems kind of off balance,
    for example i had rounds with an enemy team completly made of a single class or the player skill split perfectly to good team / bad team

    i know, a single player can decide a whole game on a public server, but the current state of the art is that it doesnt depend on the single player most of the time but that a whole team is worse than the other, as arrogant as it might sound, for example i had rounds with 5-6 average enemies but a whole team of new players which didnt know their controls nor the maps.

    cant the teams just be decided upon the kd?

    you most certainly have a pool of players to match up, so why dont you mix a team with a median kd and create an enemy team with about the same kd, please also look for a well mixed class combination, not a pure recon enemy team... as i encountered it...
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    The beta for Ghost Recon Future Soldier isn't available yet. You're referring to the Ghost Recon Online beta and it should be discussed here. Thanks!
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