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    Updated perspective

    Now that I just reached lvl 35 and 30 levels higher than the last time I wrote some feedback (which now feels somewhat premature), it is time to reconsider the facts.

    Overall I enjoy the game, there are a few issues I'm having here and there but I understand well it is a game first and per UBIsoft's company philosophy, also an investment/business second

    1) The favours issue isn't exactly a problem once you progress and unlock the cast members, and it is only apparent if your only sole objectives is to progress through every story back to back as fast as you can (which funnily enough is the only reason you'd play it)

    Keeping in mind the current availability of friends/colleagues is only limited to the Philippines and Australia, I'm happy to say it is no longer an issue

    2) The blood test has became much harder than before, and the mechanics have also changed

    This looks like a minefield, what used to be only about 1/3 of the total amount of cells present on screen right now, the target sequence seems to be a lot more random
    The old blood test game also had you collect a random amount of each cells in sequence (For example, 4 red, then it'd change to 6 white, then it'd change to 3 platelets) this is now only available when you do a case-patient blood test, I believe there existed some developer oversight in changing the mechanics, the clinic blood test sequences are a lot more random with many more cells.

    As opposed to this:

    At times I lose up to 3,4 seconds just watching the red blood cels fly over and cover all the platelets. It has became quite difficult to get above 100 dollars per game (and for 5 energy it really makes working up budget, the difficulty of blood test increased from leveling up, and this makes -no- sense, I don't actually make money any easier/better than a lvl 1, and the only reason I'd get more rewards is only after I've put 3200 into upgrading the machine to level 5

    So my suggestion is remove the increase in difficulty after leveling up

    3) Make the upgrade of pills more efficient/cost-effective, If I had to spend 1200 just to increase their potency up to 17% from 10% and then save a pill every 3rd or 4th patient that below 60% so I could save the worth of one pill (some 2 dollars each), I'd have to prescribe over 600 pills before it even makes a return, and this is only lvl 3 upgrade -- and I barely passed 200 pills prescribed for each and I'm already on case 12

    4) I only ever did blood tests and that was enough to get by, there's such a large disparity between how much I could earn out of the MRI machine, I only upgraded it to lvl 5 purely because it looked better in black, I don't have to do all that much to collect 15 cells in the bloodtest and that's 150, I could uncover half the board on the MRI and get 23 matches and it'd give me the same amount.

    This is strictly gameplay feedback, I don't have any content suggestions, I'm quite curious about that second floor however ..
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    I'd like to add the description that this game is unplayable at later stages of the game

    The blood test only gets harder and harder as you get higher level, I have just reached 40 and I can barely get over 80 dollars per blood test, and I've rarely gotten over 70 for the MRI, with the increase in House's demands in supplies which aren't terribly easy to get at the cost of multiple pills, I start running out of budget very quickly when every resource in the game comes from your interaction alone (there is no bonus for finishing a story or getting an achievement or level up) at best it is a refill of your energy and if your machines are on cooldown then it just ticks away being wasted

    This doesn't look like a casual browser game
    This doesn't look like a viable way of income
    This is a los angeles traffic jam

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    As of 9pm 15th of March (GMT +11 AESTD) I am officially stuck on case #13

    This is the current state of affairs:

    Patient at 75% treated House is regularly asking for 20+ pills and, 4,5 supplies which costs on average 5 pills each, which works out to be 100 dollars (with a 4 hour wait), logistically speaking all this is dictated by the income, which is limited to 10 games every 5 hours at roughly 70~100 dollars from blood test and 60~80 from MRI (but you can only opt for one due to the energy expense)

    Supplies aside there is also favours (which take roughly the same amount), this essentially costs roughly 400~600 per progress, which is somewhat made easy by emergency patients (easily the most cost-effective source of income)

    I have ran out of supplies and money, and House is demanding 5 IV bags and 2 favours (about 450 dollars of supplies), this is after he just took 850 dollars from the last shakedown, at this moment I don't feel like going through with the tremendous required just to progress to the next step, due to my day classes I am going to stop playing until further development, I feel I've went far beyond the developer's projections and I will check back in a few more weeks
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    As before, thank you for the feedback. Comprehensive effort like this is VERY much appreciated!
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