Hey guys,

I bought SC:CT when it came out (the one with 4 cds instead of 1 dvd -.-) and after the copy protection pissed me off cuz of my Windows 7 I finally found a way to get it work, but then in COOP the next epic fail... I wanted to play via lan (crossover cable) with a friend who bought the game in quadrology. I patched my game to 1.05 and then we tried to play COOP but anytime I tried to join his game "unable to join this match" message.

So wtf is this:
We have the same version.
We are not playing via Internet, so I can't open any ports.
We see each other (not the problem Hamachi guys seems to have)

So why ffs is this not working?
We disabled the Windowsfirewalls but still we can't join each others matches. In versus it works...

If I google the message I can't find any solution. All answers have something to do with ports or Hamachi...

Any ideas?