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    Same issue

    I also bought the game from steam for PC and am having issues with it freezing every couple seconds. I can take my character exactly 3 1/2 steps before it freezes for about 1 1/2 sec, then I can take 3 1/2 more steps.... this is unacceptable! If anyone can figure out a solution to this, I would be most thankful. Looks like a good game but I can't get 10 steps before my patience is gone.

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    I purchased the game on PC, via Steam. It has exactly the same problems, every couple of seconds the game just freezes for half a second. It has rendered the game completely unplayable, and is NOTHING to do with the internet connection, or faulty ram or CPU, etc.. I have requested a refund, but am told there is a "no refunds" policy for digitally distributed software, which in my opinion is bordering on criminal in this particular instance as the game simply does not work as advertised.

    This problem has affected many more people than have posted here, please do not think that if 5 people post here then only 5 people have the problem worldwide. Other forums are aflame over this problem and the lack of support is worrying.
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    Hi guys, have you contacted Technical Support about this? the link is in my signature.
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