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    Having freezing issues?

    Ok there is a thread about this already I know. The reason for this thread is to let people know there are a lot of people that are playing this game with no issues whatsoever. If you are having issues with the game freezing it is most likely your Xbox or internet connection. Why do I say this you ask? Because all Xbox's are manufactured the same way generally and I am sure there is someone with every version playing this game with no problems. In the PC community there can be incompatible hardware and drivers as far as games go, but not with the Xbox. There are things that can happen that make you think your Xbox is functioning correctly but in reality is not. There are certain steps you should take to ensure that your unit is functioning properly before you blame the software that is working for most people. Check your Hard Drives health using HD Tune or other diagnostic tool. Try to format it and then reinstall I know this can be a pain, but could solve your issue if you have bad blocks or sectors on your Hard Drive. Check your internet for packet loss and jitter because the problem could also lie here. Send your Xbox to Microsoft if still under warranty they will check it out and fix it if necessary. The ram could be corrupt, the gpu or cpu could be overheating and causing freezes. There are so many things that could be wrong with your system that are not obvious to the casual user. It is simple, just eliminate of what could be wrong till you find it.
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    and even if we did what you listed and it still freezes? its not unreasonable to suggest a patch.

    ... its the stupid drm that ubisoft uses.

    no other publisher's games freeze my xbox like ubisoft games do, seriously. im not pirating anything. i always buy my games.

    my HD is clean. i clear the cache religiously.

    patch this ish please and thank you.

    knew i shouldnt have bought a digital only game...at least i could have traded it in for something of equal value.

    ..end perfectly logical rant...
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    Just trying to give people some helpful suggestions. Don't want to try and make it work give up and delete it. I must be wrong, because of the hundreds of people on here complaining about it freezing. <<<<Sarcasm Ok so maybe it's not your hard drive guess thats the only thing that can be wrong with a xbox so it must be the game.
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    No just thousands of users are complaining about freezing issues..on there x box's and it couldn't be those problems because I'm not about to use non Microsoft approved program to break my warranty..so I could care less about what you suggest thus far because I've been playing Arcade games all morning and not one of them has frozen like the Iam Alive one...so yes It might be a rare glitch...give them time to fix it!
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    Oh thousands? Yeah I noticed all the posts about it. So far I have seen about 6 people on this forum, the official Ubisoft forum asking about it. So how many people do you think bought this game? don't you think there would be more on here if it was the game? Go look at any forum for any game that has a real glitch on release and see how many people are posting. I do not believe it is the game. I am not telling people to void their warranty I would send my unit in if this happened to me.
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    Hey Stonculd, I'm having freezing problems too - and they're rather drastic compared to some of the other people complaining.

    At first I thought yeah, perhaps it is my internet or Xbox, so I've now re-downloaded the game five times. I've contact Xbox LIVE support, who agree (and this was mentioned by another user in as well) that the download is fine, that it's more likely a software issue.

    So it's not my internet. So I've now reformatted my Hard Drive and moved everything to a 16 gig microsoft approved exterior storage unit but alas, it's still not working. This leaves us with a couple of options.

    1. It's a hardware failure on the part of my Xbox. This seems unlikely though, as this is the only game I'm having trouble with, and the Xbox LIVE support team seems to think otherwise.
    2. It's a software issue. Personally, I think this is more likely, as I can enter the lobby, but merely can't load the game.

    So here's the real issue I have with what you're saying. You're telling us that we need to consider all the possibilities, which I've done my best to do, but you AREN'T considering that it may very well be glitch. It might not be, but an issue like this is definitely worth bringing to the forums so the developers can at least look into it. So please, while I understand that it's possible it's something else, stop telling people that it's most likely not, because at this point in time we don't really know.
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    Hey I am just giving my opinion and trying to help people take the necessary step to eliminate possible problems before jumping to the conclusion that it is the software. It is easy to test your connection with ping.net and speedtest.com. The hard drive is easy to test as well. So once these steps are cleared there is still possible memory faults, overheating of the gpu, and cpu. The game is working for the bulk of the people downloading it. I don't believe its the software but never said I know this for sure I am just trying to help people with the process of elimination. Re-downloading it over and over won't change anything or tell you anything. Clearing your cache won't tell you anything either. I know it can be frustrating when something like this happens, but until the devs are able to recreate this problem they are not going to be able to do anything about it. So as a end user I would want to make sure 100% that the problem wasn't on my end before I did anything as far as definitively saying it is the software. As far as Microsoft support goes believe them if you want but my experience is they aren't to sharp.
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    Let it be known that it's not just a 360 issue. The PSN version is freezing too.
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    I've never had it freeze on me (PSN) but I have heard if you play it without signing in it stops the freezing!
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    I purchased the game on PC, via Steam. It has exactly the same problems, every couple of seconds the game just freezes for half a second. It has rendered the game completely unplayable, and is NOTHING to do with the internet connection, or faulty ram or CPU, etc.. I have requested a refund, but am told there is a "no refunds" policy for digitally distributed software, which in my opinion is bordering on criminal in this particular instance as the game simply does not work as advertised.

    This problem has affected many more people than have posted here, please do not think that if 5 people post here then only 5 people have the problem worldwide. Other forums are aflame over this problem and the lack of support is worrying.
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