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    Missing content

    I have YSFE 2012 and the only options I see under Activities are Zen and Cardio Boxing. Logging in with my xbox live account, I do see Dance Workout: Bollywood and Bundle New Year: New You + Dance Workout, that can be purchased on marketplace. However I don't see "Run the World", "Jump Rope". Also I don't see the Fitness Classes of African Rhythms, Hip-Hop, nor Yoga which are mentioned in game insert. I looked for these on the marketplace, but did not see them for download either. Also I dont' see the First-Person Menu with My Zone on the top left.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    This may be the issue... The disk is "Your Shape Fitness Evolved". It doesn't indicate 2012, so I think I have the old version CD in the 2012 packaging! For those of you using 2012, does the label of your CD have Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012?
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    Have a look at this video and see if your menus etc, look like this http://youtu.be/VngRrI55a_0 . This video is for YSFE 2012. The menus come up at about 2:30 minutes into the video. It sounds to me like you have the original YSFE though.
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    Thanks so much! Yes, I definitely have the original YSFE which was sold in the 2012 package. At one point I called ubisoft support asking them, why I couldn't see the content, and they said "we can't give game hints, look on-line." Lol.
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    Hope you can return the one you got and get the correct one.
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