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    I think he meant his team of 3 4 5 levels get put against lvl24 players
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    I agree there are too many snipers(goes without saying now), but i don't believe that they are overpowered. I've been against many teams of snipers before and they are so easy to beat, they don't ruin it for their opposition other team they ruin it for their own team. I play as specialist using the emp thing and i find that snipers just can't handle good movement from cover to cover, and lets face it most sipers only move back not forward.
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    I'll just use this thread to voice my opinions instead making a new one.

    The Good

    1. The pace of the game and sleek controls make it a fun experience
    2. Cover mechanic is implemented in a good way
    3. Different and fun classes with distinct advantages and roles

    The Bad

    1. Camping. Linear level design combined with K/D ratio counting towards the end of round score encourages camping. This leads to boring stalemates where each side just sits there and does nothing.

    2. Level design. As stated above encourages camping and ruins the flow of the game. Once the middle contested point is taken by one team, it is usually impossible for the other team to take it back.

    3. Ingame store. Attachments that get destroyed every time you change for something else is a bad feature. No preview for new items also a bad feature. Cost of some items unreasonably high (especial when every item needs to be re-bought).

    4. Inventory. Default items (starting weapon and armor) should not occupy limited inventory space but rather be automatically re-equipped once the current item is un-equipped. Abilities from other classes also should not occupy inventory space but rather have their own place in the overview menu.

    The Ugly

    1. Round rewards and score. The rewards for doing team-based actions need to be increased or implemented in a new way. Current system encourages selfish behavior that focuses on K/D ratio and not much else. Points need to be given for every second spent in helping capturing a point (if the point is taken), current system rewards latecomers and opportunists and punishes the players who are actively trying to take the point but get killed in the last few seconds before the point is taken.

    2. Killed while in cover. Cover is a great mechanic and a useful tool on the battlefield, but sometimes gets bugged/glitched and the players get shot (probably some clipping issues, when the part of the player model is sticking through the cover). Needs to be fixed ASAP.

    3. Matchmaking. Virtually non-existent, only used to put random players vs. other random players (not talking about fireteams). While i do realize this is closed beta with limited number of players, matchmaking a lvl 1-5 player vs. lvl 25-30 players is a big issue. A simple divide by levels in matchmaking (eg. lvl 1-10 then 11-20 then 21-30) would be a massive improvement over the current system.

    4. No class change by match. Getting stuck with playing only one class per match is a bad feature. Some matches are lost before they even begin due to some ridiculous class setups (like 7 recons and 1 assault). Either allow ONE (1) class switch per round (that is 2 switches per match) or allow players to switch class once before the match begins (for the duration of the whole match) in order to adapt to impossible setups. Goes without saying that the players who switch class (in second option only) should receive some small bonus in form of RP, Achievement, ect.

    5. Balance of abilities. Recon abilities seem the most useful by comparison to the other classes (especially when the Cloak ability gets bugged and there is no shimmering and the player is virtually invisible --- perhaps a Camofluage ability wold work better instead of that). Further balancing of all abilities and classes is needed.

    That is all for now, hope to see you (and shoot you) in matches!

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    I believe the specialist has more powerful abilities. The aegis shield can protect an entire team for quite the long time. Blackout can stop about anything (cloaked recons, blitzing assaults, heat, and aegis shield).

    The only problem is that most people (and I have met a lot), do not really use their abilities team-oriented. I have seen many specialists just activating their shield and walk towards the enemy alone or they use blackout without having back-up to help clear the area (same goes for Blitz users => they should knock people out and have their teammates finish them).

    Heat is a great way to suppress enemies as well, but the user should make sure that his team is ready to advance.

    And don't hate on snipers. At the start of each match I always ask who has an SMG (if I'm in a recon team => 5 or more recons, me included), so I can get an idea on how much support I will get (I usually play SMG unless not enough snipers). I always ask the snipers to cover certain points and to notify if they see an enemy that they can't shoot anymore and is a threat. I have won with sniper teams that way. They might not help cap a point, but they can weaken the enemy wave and buy time to capture by keeping the enemy in cover and slowing down their advance.
    I also tend to ask for oracle support if I need to know where the enemy is. Snipers tend to use Oracle rather then cloaks.

    When I play as sniper, I move with my team (if not find myself on front) and I ask the same on other snipers in the team.

    About being new to the game:

    Stick with your teammates, learn from them, communicate. Here is a thread to help new people get a good basic.

    And don't hesitate to ask question in-game (but be patient, not everybody will answer immediately).

    See ya on the battlefield,

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